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Check List for Custom Designed LCD Modules



DISPLAY Contents

  • Character type: Characters lines ; Character font: x dots + cursor
  • Graphics type: x dots ; Dot pitch: mm ; Dot size: x mm
  • Others (segment type, annunclator, etc.)


  • View angle: 6'o clock; 12'o clock; 'o clock;
  • Type:
    1. TN
    2. STN: yellow green Gray Blue
    3. FATN (Black & White)
    4. Others:
    5. Positive type
    6. Negative type
    7. Reflective
    8. Transflective
    9. Transmissive
  • Visual Specifications: Normal Anti-glare
  • Polarize Color: Normal (neutral gray)

I/O Terminals

  • Specifying allocation: Yes No
  • Specifying position: Yes No


  • LCE driver:
    1. Segment Driver
    2. Common Driver
  • Controller: Build-in External
  • MPU: Build External

Power Source

  • LCD driver:
    1. Single power supply 5V
    2. 2 Power suppliers
  • For logic: VDD -Vss = V
  • For LCD drive: VDD -VLCD = V


  • Without With Model No.
  • Build-in External
  • A x B: Module size x mm
  • E x F: View area x mm
  • P x Q: DISPLAY area x mm
  • C: Length between mounting holes mm
  • D: Width between mounting holes mm
  • M: Diameter or mounting holes mm
  • H: Total thickness mm
  • H1: Upper thickness mm
  • H2: Lower thickness mm

Current Consumption

  • For logic: typ. mA, max. mA
  • For LCD drive: typ. mA, max. mA
  • Others: , typ. mA, max. mA

Contrast Adjustment

  • Method: , Build-In External

Driving method

  • Multiplexing: 1/ duty, 1/ bias
  • Frame frequency: Hz

Temperature Compensation Circuit

  • Conpensation range: 0°C to 50°C, °C to °C


  • Without
  • With
    1. EL : Green White
    2. LED : Yellow Green Amber
    3. CCFL : White Bottom type Edge type
    4. Brightness: cd/m2
    5. Inverter: Unnecessary Necessary
    6. Brightness adjustment: Unnecessary Necessary

Temperature Range

  • Operating temperature range: 0°C to 50°C, °C to °C
  • Storage temperature range: -20°C to 60°C, °C to °C



  • Estimate:
  • Sample: dilivery quantity pcs
  • Mass production: dilivery quantity per month pcs; total quantity

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