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About Datavision

Data Vision is a manufacturer of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) modules, established in 1990. Currently, we have manufacturing strongholds in Taiwan and China.
We are recognized as one of most progressive companies in our industry. Data Vision offers broad range of LCD modules, including mono LCM, Intelligent and Integrated LCM and TFT. In which, we provide extensive and complete solutions based on customer needs. Hence, Turnkey service is merely a part of our offerings. To make our competence qualified, we have certification of ISO9001:2008.

Our products are sold primarily to manufacturers and distributors in a diverse and growing range of industries, including manufacturers of communication products, computers and computer-related products, computer networking equipment, industrial equipment, navigation, transportation, instrumentation and medical equipment.

Our customers vary in size and industry as well as in the services they require. Today, Data Vision offers an array of services to help our customers improve their bottom lines and time to achieve objectives.

Data Vision has merged by Solomon Group last year and has been officially listed on OTC market since March 21st, 2000.