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A. Established Date:May 21st, 1990

B. Milestones:

May, 1990 Nang-Gang plant was founded, total capital of NTD$10 million, production of LCD module.
Feb, 1991 Agent in America.
Jun, 1991 Agent in Korea.
Oct, 1991 Agent in Israel.
May, 1992 Mr. Hsieh Wen-cheng replaced the former chairman after Mr. Su Han-chieh's retirement.
Sep, 1992 Seasoned Equity Offerings under NTD$12 million, and exercised employee stock option.
Oct, 1994 Agent in England.
Jul, 1994 Production according to the U.S. Army Regulation ordered, Seasoned Equity Offerings under NTD$6 million, exercised employee stock option and Capitalization of Retained Earnings under NTD$22 million, total capital of NTD$50 million for operation expansion and factory purchase.
Nov, 1995 Headquarters moved to current address at Sijhih City, and founded Donghu Factory.
Jul, 1996 Certified for ISO-9002, as well as by RWTUV.
Nov, 1997 Seasoned Equity Offerings under NTD$50 million and Capitalization of Retained Earnings under NTD$95 million, total capital of NTD$195 million for expansion of production line and output by purchasing Fu-Deh Factory.
Aug, 1998 Reinvested into establishing連碩科技公司.
Sep, 1998 Seasoned Equity Offerings under NTD$75 million, Capitalization of Retained Earnings under NTD$97.5 million and Employee's Bonus – Stock under NTD$3,340,029, Paid-in Capital of NTD$370,840,290, and Initial Public Offerings started after approval of Securities and Futures Bureau.
Sep, 1999 Stock Dividends NTD$1.4833 billion and Employee's Bonus – Stock NTD$2.77 million, total amount of NTD$1.5111 billion, Paid-in capital of NTD$521,947,610.
Sep, 1999 The winner of 8th National Award of Small and Medium Enterprises.
Mar, 2000 Applied for stock listed on OTC market, and has been officially listed since March 21st, 2000.
Aug, 2000 Stock Dividends NTD$52.19 million, Employee's Bonus NTD$2.41 million and Additional Paid-in Capital – Stock NTD$52.19 million, total amount of NTD$1.068 billion, Paid-in Capital of NTD$628,747,020.
Jun, 2001 Re-election after directors' and supervisors' tenures ended, former director Mr. Ting Wen-chung transferred as a supervisor, former supervisor Mr. Hsu Sheng-li as a director, former director Mr. Weng Wen-liu and 普參Venture Capital Co., Ltd. were replaced by Mr. Liao Kuo-hung and Mr. Hsieh Tsu-ping, and supervisor智晶科技股份有限公司 was replaced by Mr. Lin Sheng-hung.
Jul, 2001 Stock Dividends NTD$45.9 million, Employee's Bonus NTD$1.43 million and Additional Paid-in Capital – Stock NTD$23.26 million, total amount of NTD$70.59 million, Paid-in Capital of NTD$699,337,700.
Aug, 2001 Reinvested into establishing DATA VISION INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.
Aug, 2002 Seasoned Equity Offerings under NTD$10 billion, Paid-in Capital of NTD$799,337,700.
Sep, 2003 Stock Dividends NTD$31.97 million and Employee's Bonus – Stock NTD$1.34 million, total amount of 33.31 million, Paid-in Capital of NTD$832,647,990.
Jun, 2007 Write-off of Treasury Stock under NTD$16.9 million, Paid-in Capital of NTD$815,747,990.